Nick Ubels

MSc Artificial Intelligence


In 2022 I finished my Artificial Intelligence MSc. at University of Groningen focussing on machine learning and deep learning. During my studies I managed to gain experience in the public transport world as a project team member for a large real-time transit information system. I leveraged this knowledge during my condition monitoring/predictive maintenance Master's thesis at Qbuzz in which I made operational predictions using neural networks for a fleet of electric buses.

Next to my public transport knowledge I have also worked with Geographic Information Systems. Not only from a research perspective, but also as a personal interest. I regularly combine geographical data with other data in different projects ranging from interactive visualisations to complex deep learning projects such as my Bachelor's thesis.

In my spare time you could often find me outside with my camera or GPS hunting for the perfect picture or a geocache. Next to this I like to tinker with my homelab server as a way to discover new tech and learn more about containerisation and running your own services.

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Screenshot of the thesis front page
Master's thesis
Master Individual work

Predictive maintenance / condition monitoring project using data from vehicles, chargers and operation. Two types of neural networks aimed at operational predictions for a fleet of buses.

One of the robot characters used in the game
iPad game with cognitive model
Master Group work

iPad game based on the Pick a Pig game by Torsten Landsvogt. The opponent was a cognitive model built in ACT-R.

Parking costs map
Parking/bus fare comparison
Personal Individual

Analysis of the time one could park in an underground parking garage in Groningen for the cost of a P+R bus ticket.

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Screenshot of one of the viral maps
Viral maps
Work Individual work

Production of serval viral maps for the social channels of Geodienst. Ranging from population to transit profitability.

Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 Map 4
Screenshot of bachelor thesis
Bachelor's thesis
Bachelor Individual work

Classification project on hyperspectral data with two convolutional neural networks. Goal was to detect asbestos roofs based on aerial hyperspectral imagery.

Map with roadworks/closures
Roadwork and road closure visualisation
Personal Individual

Visualisation of all 2022 road works and closures in the city of Groningen based on NDW open data.

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Screenshot of the traffic light simulation
Signal priority simulation
Bachelor Group work

Multi-agent systems project comparing two wireless protocols in a traffic light priority context.

Screenshot of the interactive visualisation
ZE-bus visualisation (deprecated)
Work Individual work

A small ArcGIS Online visualisation showing the realtime position of all zero-emission buses in The Netherlands together with an overview of model and make.

Interview 1 Interview 2
Screenshot of the simulated intersection
Intersection simulation
Master Group work

Multi-agent systems project investigating the effects of transit signal priority on green light optimal speed advisories for a simulated intersection.

Screenshot of Quiz as a Service environment
Quiz as a Service
Master Group work

Interactive Quiz as a Service platform built with microservices and containers.

Busstation Zuidwolde
Real-time transit information displays
Work Group work

Planning and inspection of 60+ new real-time transit information displays on different mobility hubs.



Soft skills

Programming, presenting, analysis, collaboration, understanding complex domains, proactive, strategic, passioned, connecting data and reality, thinking critically, advising

Programming languages

Python, Matlab, Java, C, R, TeX, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Swift


PyTorch, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Leaflet


Git(Hub), Docker, Kubernetes, QGIS, PostGIS